Now can we get Silva/Machida?

Now that you’ve cleaned the drool from your mouth after the Anderson Silva KO of Forrest Griffin, there’s just one question that remains…who’s left? Seriously, who’s left for Silva to bang against? Somewhere in the Wachovia Center Roy Jones is renegotiating his contract to fight Anderson Silva after he retires. Really, the dude cleaned out his weight class so now he had to fight Griffin and 205 and with his hands down, dodging every punch Forrest threw at him Silva KOd Griffin with a back-stepping jab.

As I type this, Rampage just twittered (twatted) I feel so bad for Forrest. I don’t even want a rematch anymore. LOSER!!′

Wow. After the lost, Griffin just stormed out of the cage, went in the back room and according to Kevin Iole of Sports Illustrated, started pushing people and throwing stuff around. Now that Griffin/Silva is done…can we get Silva/Machida? Good fight by Anderson Silva. Simply amazing.

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