Novembereem continues with a bizarre Japanese television show appearance

There’s a tape of Alistair Overeem speaking in Dutch. The English subtitles read ‘It’s like this. No matter how tough you are, knees on your head from me you cannot swallow’. We think a lot was lost in translation, but we do know that the guy has hydrogen bombs for knees. Getting trapped in Overeem’s muay-thai clinch must be what the universe felt shortly before the big bang created it. Alistair Overeem is the Strikeforce Heavyweight Champion and there’s not really much the current heavyweight division can do about it. Granted, October was deemed ‘Brocktober’ by some brilliant ZUFFA marketer. However, this month will officially be called ‘Novembereem’, and it will continue with this bizarre apperance on a Japanese television show. Props to ClementH2 for the find.

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