Ninja Rua says Bones Jones is not Shogun’s greatest challenge

Ninja Rua, the brother of Shogun Rua, whose parents were obviously Shinobi and Ninja Gaiden II last fought against an opponent that came in 5.5 lbs overweight at W-1 New Ground in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. It was the same card that everyone still believes Ruban Villareal defeated Brett Rogers, but in reality The Grim scored a unanimous decision over Warpath. The event was Ninja’s first loss since he grabbed an L at Dream 8 against Fukada in a highly underrated fight. Try YouTubing it or use your preferred illegal copyright video obtainer of choice.

In an interview with TATAME, Ninja Rua says Bones Jones is good, but not even close to his brother’s toughest challenge and when Shogun’s punches are introduced to Jones’ face, he just might get a little hurt.

“Jon Jones is a respectful athlete, he’s young, but my brother is the favorite for the experience he has, he’s fought tougher guys than Jones. My brother has proven it, and he’ll win. The guy wants it bad, he has nothing to lose, but the experience can be the differential. He’s one of the toughest fighters on MMA currently, he’s tall and has a great conditioning, he’s rising, so it must be a hell of a good fight. But he’ll get hurt when my brother’s punches finds his face. Jon Jones ain’t Mauricio’s greatest challenge. My brother had had great ones, and it’ll be another fight on his career”.

It’s apparent that Ninja Rua is assuming that Shogun’s fist have built in GPS devices pre-programmed to locate Jon Jones’ chin. Let’s just hope it’s not some annoying female British voice giving his punches directions, because that can be really annoying on PPV. [Source]

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