Niko Price Knocks Out Randy Brown With An Almost Impossible Hammerfist From The Bottom!

Niko Price Knocks Randy Brown Out Cold With An Unrealistic Technique!

Welterweight competitors Randy Brown and Niko Price fought at one of the main fights at the UFC Fight Night 133 in Century Link Arena, Boise, Idaho. We have the far more strangest KO in the history of the ultimate fighting.

Round 1

Randy Brown opened the fight up with an early low kick. Brown tried a combination but missed, and then both fighters missed with their combo attempts. Price delivers left hook into a low kick. Clinching up led to driving Brown against the cage after the tremendous knee exchange, and Niko Price was looking for a submission attempt.

Brown opens guard and gets up to his feet, then goes for Price taking him down and grabbing his back like a leech. Price flips forward and slams him but Brown remains focused. Price did an impossible thing – he spins into Brown’s guard. Brown wants to stand up but Price delivers few great punches on the way up. Brown lands a great knee and an uppercut, while Price grabs a single leg and holds it until the end of the round.

Round 2

Price steps in with an uppercut going for a single leg attempt.


Brown stands above him and kicks to his legs, takes him down with a big right hand.

Wait, is this a knockout?! WOW!!!

He was landing strong shots, but out of nowhere comes HAMMERFIST FROM THE BOTTOM! Niko Price knocks him out cold, what a world-class move! He does a celebratory cartwheel and the fight is finished! This is one of the most unusual knockouts ever seen!

Niko Price defeats Randy Brown via hammer fists from the bottom KO (1:09, second round)

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