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NickTheFace reminds you: #RallyForMarkHunt

NickTheFace reminds you: #RallyForMarkHunt

Not since San Francisco in the 60’s or maybe the majority of the internet around the SOPA blackout have a collection of people come together with such solidarity for a singular purpose as they have for #RallyForMarkHunt. By my research #RallyForMarkHunt has now officially lasted longer in relevance than the whole #Kony2012 thing, but rest assured the masturbation is at equal levels of frequency. No matter what, the bottom line is that it feels good to come together, as John Lennon would say. Or sing.

NickTheFace went back into the editing room and emerged with version 2.0 of his Reem/JDS promo: #RallyForMarkHunt. Watch it.


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