Nick Thompson’s pick for UFC 126 is simultaneously ridiculous and genius

Somewhere on the battlefield of MMA there exists a squadron of keyboard warriors, armed with an endless supply of ham and cheddar Hot Pockets that collectively claim Kazushi Sakuraba is the undisputed GOAT. In the reality they’re living in, they’re absolutely correct. However, for the sake of historical accuracy, there’s only one goat in MMA, and his name is Nick Thompson. Who else can say, with 100% accuracy, they’ve defeated Eddie Alvarez, Paul Daley, Josh Neer and even has a Bodog Fight welterweight championship belt? If you raised your hand, then you’re wrong. Very wrong. Nick Thompson is the undisputed goat and his red beard clearly indicates it. This morning, Sherdog posted their UFC 126 pro picks, a feature that obtains predictions from a variety of fighters across the MMA-multiverse. Nick Thompson’s pick for UFC 126 is both ridiculous, genius and has no context for tomorrow night (or does it…)

“This fight reminds me of something from my childhood. Derrick Noble’s and my father had been appointed by the court to defend a man who was accused of raping a young woman. Derrick’s and my faith in justice was badly shaken when the jury convicted the man despite our father having shown, in court, that the accuser was lying. The accuser’s father was so upset over his being humiliated in court that he attacked Derrick and me on our way home from our school’s Halloween pageant. The accuser’s father had just broken Derrick’s arm and was about to do worse, when, out of nowhere, the town recluse saved us.”

If Fighters Only Magazine had some type of award for ‘The Greatest Quote That Only 1% of the World’s Population Understands’, then it’s difficult to nominate anyone other than Nick Thompson — with James Toney coming in a close second. If this inspired you to fire up your console and play as Nick Thompson in EA Sports MMA, don’t worry, you’re not alone. [Source]

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