Nick Ring is looking for a date on Craigslist

Nick Ring is lonely and looking for a date on Craigslist. That’s pretty amazing in itself, but even more amazing is that this ad was posted on the ‘men seeking women’ section of Craigslist – Las Vegas. We now finally have solved the Nick Ring sexual preference question that has been keeping us up every night. There you have it, Nick Ring is not gay. I really hope that allows all the homophobic mma fans out there to rest easier at night. Well, still doesn’t mean he’s not bisexual though. Oh, and actually I was just kidding it’s not the real ‘Nick Ring’ looking for a date with any woman who is 18-40 years old-its an IMPOSTER. That’s right, Vegas ladies-you’ve been trolled. Its just someone pretending to be Nick. Nick’s not even mad about it though, he’s actually kind of cheering him on and maybe a tiny bit envious too as he says on facebook: “I will say that I think he is enjoying vegas a little more than I ever got to.” That’s too bad-maybe more fighters should try looking for dates on Craigslist, afterall it did end up working out for Matt Horwich, right?

Hi, I’m an MMA fighter looking for a date. I’m 24, originally from Alberta, Canada. I received my Master’s in EE (Eelctrical Engineering), then accepted a job offer from NV Energy as an electric engineer. I moved to Las Vegas 2 years ago, but I’ve been going back and forth from here and Alberta. I just bought a nice house and I’ll be permanently staying in Las Vegas, not only because of my job, but also to further my career in MMA. I was on a small TV show last year for the UFC, and I’m now a contracted MMA fighter for them.With my job and training, I hardly ever have enough time to find dates, so I figure I’d try Craigslist.

I’m not a picky guy. I just want someone that I get along real well with. I’m looking to go out on a date with someone from 18 to 40 years old. Please send a picture if you reply. I posted a couple of mine, if you want more pics, just ask and I’ll send you some more or maybe I’ll just post more on this ad.

PS. It sucks when I’m fighting and nobody’s here to cheer me on :'(

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