Video: Nick Diaz’s Handy Video Guide to Who Exactly is on Steroids

Who the hell can keep track of how many people are (allegedly) on steroids? That is hard enough, but what about all the others who pop for things we haven’t even heard of before: Hydroxy-clomiphene? Meldonium? Monosodium Glutamate? Hillshire Farm Lit’l Smokies®? The internet is a wealth of information, but who has the time to sort through all of that shit? We need a guide that can hold our hand through these mad, mad times. Who better to be our Professor in steroid school other than the one, the only, Nick Diaz.

It turns out this whole fiasco is actually really, really simple. Everyone is on steroids but Nick and his brother Nate Diaz. In case you still cant understand this, Diaz writes out the equation and even supplies a Pie Graph for you. The math checks out, for all you college kids. You can run it back yourself with your TI-83 if you’re not too distracted with Pokémon Go. It’s evident that when the steroid smoke clears, there may be only two stoned dudes still standing.

Check out Tommy Toe Hold‘s educational and entertaining video below. It’s edutainment!

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