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Nick Diaz Claims UFC Should Replace Dick-Chest Brock Lesnar With Him In A Title Fight

Nick Diaz Claims UFC Should Replace Dick-Chest Brock Lesnar With Him In A Title Fight

Nick Diaz Has Always Been Known For Unrealistic Demands But This?!

A former UFC Welterweight trash-talker and legend, who last fought at UFC 183 versus Anderson Silva when both of them were positive for banned substances and the result was overturned to no contest, stated UFC should let him fight versus Daniel Cormier instead of d**k-chest Brock Lesnar! The Conqueror is coming back in 2019, but El Diablo will be in the octagon too.

Well, this question can’t even be real, right? Nick hasn’t fought for a very long period of time and he was even recently “granted” with two additional charges! Maybe he is looking for the way to relax since he had a lot of law issues lately, and these kinds of posts might be his defensive mechanism… or he really believes Dana White has gone crazy?!

“Sick of this all this ‘baddest man on the planet’ b.s. I’ll fight for any title at any weight,” Diaz wrote on Instagram. “UFC wants to make b.s. WWF fights with guys that fight like shit and put on an act. Daniel Cormier would look way worse than I do in this pic if he fought Anderson the way I did but instead he decided to wrestle fuck him for five rounds in front of his whole life and still almost got finished off in the last round with Silva only having two or three weeks notice.”

But let’s just remember the fight between Daniel Cormier and Anderson Silva – DC barely won via split decision. Maybe he embarrassed himself, according to Nick Diaz. Despite Nick respects him he doesn’t justify his actions.

“Dana White should give me this fight instead of d**k chest Brock Lesnar’s cheating ass. Nothing personal I love DC but I don’t like what he does, constantly embarrassed for him and the sport. I started doing MMA because it’s not WWF and I’ve never put on a b.s. act in my life. I’m sure fans would like to see a real fight.”

Despite Nick Diaz claims he is innocent, he will have one hell of a law battle if he hopes to evade the prison this time. The way things develop, it looks like Brock Lesnar will be the first man who will get the chance to retain DC’s UFC Heavyweight belt.

What do you think, would the showdown between DC and Nick Diaz be good for viewers? After all, Cormier didn’t get used to someone who talks all the time and provokes the opponent to attack him.

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