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Nick Diaz tells us about that goddamn gold and white or blue and black dress

Nick Diaz tells us about that goddamn gold and white or blue and black dress

Before I start this, let me apologize: I am sorry for bringing the discussion of the dress here. I wanted to avoid doing so, but being the bastard I am, and knowing MiddleEasy’s love for Nick Diaz: I had to.

There has been an existential crisis occurring on social media. The cause? A fucking dress. There is a picture of a dress going around, and it is prompting people to argue about what color the dress is. Is it gold and white? Or is it blue and black?

Nick Diaz – MMA’s answer to Ja Rule because we want to hear from him during horrible times – chimed in earlier, posting a video on Glide. The video shows him being asked by friends what color the dress is, and Diaz’s response is that it is black and blue. Clearly confused, Diaz’s confusion is escalated when his friends assure him that it is actually gold and white. In denial, the conundrum starts to bother Diaz.

But Diaz, is in actual fact, correct.

But how exactly?

Color perception.

The quality of the image has an effect on the way we see a photo. Factors taken into account are the warmth of the photo; how much exposure is on said photo; and plenty of other factors. As a result of this, it creates an illusion as our brain adjusts to the picture.

If you open Photoshop, put the real image of the dress in a document, and use the color picker, you will find that the dress does not even have white, or black, or even gold colors (it is brown). Despite this, your brain tells you differently. It adjusts, making you think that the dress is actually a certain color. If you use Photoshop again, fiddling with the brightness of the photo will correct it to it’s normal color. If you fiddle with the lighting in Photoshop, you can get the original color.

But if you still do not believe it is blue, then, you’re wrong, because it is, and here’s actual proof

It’s a mind fuck, right? Yup. Is it worthy of hours of discussion and dissection by journalists along with arguments that will clearly end in divorce for your parents? Nope.

But in short: Nick Diaz is right, people who thought the dress was clearly gold and white (such as me), are wrong. I’m fucking salty about that, but it is what it is. Readers, what color did you think the dress is?

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