Dana White Thinks Nick Diaz Lost His Passion for Fighting

Nick Diaz
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Dana White Thinks Nick Diaz Isn’t Interested in Returning

It’s been well over 4 years since Nick Diaz has fought inside of a UFC octagon. However, news circulates at least twice a month that Nick will be making his return. Fans clamor every time a Welterweight mentions his name and it seems like his return is closely approaching. However, UFC President Dana White believes that Nick Diaz’s return may be further away than we think. In fact, White thinks Nick has no aspirations or desire to fight again.

Potential Nick Diaz Return

Diaz hasn’t appeared in an octagon since fighting Anderson Silva to a no-contest in 2015 at UFC 183. Since that moment, there have been tons of moments where it would have made sense for Nick to return.

When Tyron Woodley was Welterweight champion, he wanted to face to face GSP or Diaz. Unfortunately, neither fight ever came to fruition when Tyron held the crowd.

Now Jorge Masvidal won the “BMF” title by beating Nicks brother Nate at UFC 244. At that moment, it seemed like Nick would come back to avenge his brother’s loss. But, UFC President Dana White believes that his chances of coming back are slim if any at all.

Dana on Diaz Return

I don’t think Nick Diaz wants to fight. I don’t think he has that love. that passion for fighting. (Think) it’s sort of a love-hate relationship for him. All the things Nick has is because of fighting, but I don’t think he loves to do it,” said Dana.

this isn’t baseball or basketball or a sport where you can go out and half-a** it. You have to be 100-percent in. Especially here. If you come to fight in UFC, these guys are the best in the world and are savages that want to become world champions. And if you’re not in the right mindset this isn’t the place for you,” finished Dana.

Do fans ever believe that Diaz will return to a UFC octagon? If so, who would they like to see him face? Let us know in the comments below.

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