Nick Diaz proves that dressing up in a costume and calling out your foe is needed more in MMA

MMA is stale right now. Guys just feel the best they’ve ever felt and will fight whoever the UFC puts in front of them just as long as they don’t get injured in training camp. The only other thing to do is retire until you can book a stand up war with a legend, in which case you can use Halloween as an excuse to show off your nunchuk skills in slow motion while dressing as the entity your greatest rival fears most – an alien. 

It’s a shame Halloween doesn’t come once a week in MMA. We need more costumed callouts.


#whereyouatGeorge #Aliens #Abduction #halloween #ufo

A photo posted by nickdiaz209 (@nickdiaz209) on Oct 10, 2014 at 8:14pm PDT

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