Nick Diaz has flesh from the body of a dead person wedged in his face

Just because Nick Diaz is assembled from the bodily tissue of lesser human beings doesn’t decrease the probability that he will smack you in the face if you disrespect the 209. Listen, that dead flesh wedged in Nick Diaz’s head is no punk and you should forever consider the chance that it will spontaneously hop out of Nick Diaz’s face and punch you in the throat.

You’re already familiar with Nick Diaz’s surgery shortly after KJ Noons handed Diaz his latest loss (latest being four years ago, of course). It was reported that the surgeon shaved Diaz’s bone structure in order to prevent further cuts, but in a new interview with, Frank Stile gives every gory detail that you would expect from a guy that opens up people’s bodies for a living.

With the sharp hands of an athlete dabbling in pro boxing, Noons had sliced Diaz’s face to ribbons. It was skill, but it was also the result of dozens of improperly sutured cuts Diaz had previously suffered in his fighting life. They had only healed superficially, leaving behind ground chuck underneath.

Stile had a suggestion: What if he dug out the gunk and replaced it with the “fresh” tissue of a cadaver? Sure, the procedure had been used for cosmetic purposes, but never for athletic performance. And if Stile’s hunch was correct, the stronger, reinforced skin might be better than Diaz’s baseline — as good as someone who had never been cut at all.

Diaz would be his first attempt, and Stile would do the procedure for free.

Diaz, whose entire livelihood is tied up in his ability to withstand violence long enough to dish out his own, agreed. Even better, the procedure happened without a hitch. Diaz was supposed to wait 90 days before sparring, but Stile figured he wouldn’t listen. Still, in the nine fights he’s had since, Diaz has barely bled an ounce.

Good thing Nick Diaz is a card-carrying medical marijuana patient because as we all know, having your face opened up, your skull shaved and placing a dead person’s flesh inside your forehead is a good enough reason as any to get ‘medicated’. [Source]

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