Nick Diaz breaks down the competition

I bet within ten minutes of meeting you, Nick Diaz could sum up your entire life into two excruciatingly soul baring sentences. The Gracie Fighter might not even have to meet you, someone could show him a Polaroid of your goofy visage and he will break down your existence within a matter of moments and everything he says will be spot on. Nick Diaz may not have a great vocabulary, but he has a way with words, and that is something we all need to respect. Last night after defending his Strikeforce welterweight title in glorious fashion, Diaz caught up with Sherdog and presented his thoughts on just about every competitor in line for his 170 pound title, delivered in a few short sentences for our reading pleasure.

First up is Paul Daley:

“I’m not really impressed with Paul Daley as a mixed martial artist,” . “He’s got great stand-up, sure, [but] I wouldn’t judge him from the Scott Smith fight.”

“I know who Scott Smith is. I’m from Stockton, Lodi. He’s from Elk Grove. He’s never come down to train with us. He’s never tried to get better,” “He does his tae bo, or whatever, you know what I mean? Then Paul Daley knocks him out and everybody is like, ‘Look at Paul Daley!’”

“I just might do some karate … some wushu,” “I see me putting punches on him, maybe him trying to take me down, getting caught in a choke. He can run from me. I’d run him down and take him down and beat him on the ground. I dunno.”

Then on Tyron Woodley:

“I don’t wanna talk bad about anybody. I don’t really have anything about him that impresses me,” “I didn’t think he was a wrestler, but then I heard he was a wrestler. It was like, ‘OK.’”

“I’m interested in fighting people ranked above me and upping my status, but, whatever,” he said. “I fight for Scott Coker here, and they’ll have to work that out here.”


Sure wish Jay Hieron was around *cough*


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