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New Video: Whoa. Nate Diaz tells us about boxing promoters trying to buy out his UFC contract

Nate Diaz is own the zone. Somewhere off the grid, likely in a patch of California laden forest brush a wild Nate Diaz has appeared before us. And he wants to talk boxing.

While helping out super middleweight boxer Andrzej Fonfara train for his March 4th with Chad Dawson, Diaz took a break from boxing rounds to give an update on exactly what is going on in his Stockton dome. Besides speaking on his new found love for the sweet science, Diaz talks about getting his boxing license in more than one state, fighting the Mayweather-McGregor winner, passing on money fights for big fights and boxing promoters trying to buy out his UFC contract.

Wait. What was that last line item again? Long live Diaz Brothers Boxing Inc. and or Stockton Boxing Promotions, homie.

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