This new video of a happy GSP watching Diaz-McGregor 1 is Canadian gold

Georges St. Pierre watching fights is the new Chuck Liddell watching fights. Nate Diaz and Conor McGregor put on an instant classic at UFC 196 but the true winner of that fight was GSP’s facial expressions.

Look at GSP nerd out over some fisticuffs!!! GSP is giddy as fuck when Diaz chokes McGregor out in the center of the cage.

We were all making those funny/buzzed/happy/possibly intoxicated faces when the drama between Diaz and McGregor lived up to the hype. Thanks to some leaked Fight Pass Full Blast footage you can now watch GSP watching Diaz-McGregor part one. This is GSP inception and somehow no alien abductions or dinosaur-back riding was involved.

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