Need more Shogun? This interview should quench your thirst

I’m the type of person who has trouble watching fights over again, I’m not entirely sure why. I Can watch certain movies over and over again, I’ve been watching around 10 hours of Seinfeld a week for more than a decade. Yet watching an MMA fight more than once, gives me so much trouble.

There are a few exceptions to that rule, one is Maurício Shogun Rua. I can watch his fights which are synonymous with ballet of violence that is mixed martial arts until the end of time. So needless to say, when Shogun delves into his life, I find it quite interesting.

For example, in this interview Shogun goes into detail as to where he was when he found out that he’s coaching the next season of TUF: Brazil. SPOILER: It was the bakery.

Shogun likes his sweets, or maybe he’s just a bread man? The world may never know.

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