Nate Diaz says everyone uses steroids, homie

When I was in the 5th grade, I was sent to the principal’s office for dropping the ‘F-bomb’ when I realized that I had forgotten my lunch money on the kitchen counter that morning. The principal told me that outburst would go on my ‘permanent record’ and for the rest of my life I’d eternally regret what I did. My principal wasn’t very smart. Then again, neither was I for actually believing him. It’s times like those I wish the Diaz brothers were in my school district so my parents would never have to get a phone call home to be bothered by stuff like this. The principal would be too busy cleaning all the 209 graffiti off the walls of the gymnasium to have time to deal with someone like me. Imagine the walls of the UFC gym tagged with a slogans like ‘all these guys are on steroids’. While Nate Diaz doesn’t have a can of Krylon in his hands, check out this video of him saying he’s not surprised that Chael used performance enhancing drugs because everyone in the sport is using them. [Source]

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