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Nate Diaz Just Got Interviewed by Esquire and It Was Fire

Nate Diaz Just Got Interviewed by Esquire and It Was Fire

Nate Diaz told us on the legendary MMA Hour special that the big publications would happen. Diaz has been chilling with Jean-Claude Van Damme, training like a real asswhoopin’ asswhooper and probably planning another trip back to Cabo. Meanwhile, people have been making Stockton pilgrimages to rep at the mural. Diaz is on top of the world and now we bask in the greatness of his Esquire interview.


That’s right. You know you’re in for that real interview shit when it’s a Double Dragon reference right out the gate, son. You know what comes next, you have to know: I’m not surprised, motherfucker. But that’s not all, this is only the beginning.

Nate Diaz has no need for your belts. Nate Diaz transcends belts. Nate Diaz is one half of the greatest MMA tag team on the planet along with his brother Nick Diaz. At this point, it’s apparent to me that they are the last two surviving members of the Sayain-like Planet Diaz and they’re here to protect the Earth and kick ass. You know what else?
Nate Diaz knows everyone is on steroids, but it’s whatever. You take your super serum, he’ll smoke some crystallized kush and still tune you up. He’s toking up, training with savages and running more miles than your drive in your car.

Read the entire interview here while I subscribe to Esquire. I’m just going to leave this here. Get you a man that can do both…


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