Pic: Nate Diaz Hanging Out With Jean-Claude Van Damme

Drop everything and contemplate the universal implications of what you’re about to see. After many, many years crackin’ cats in the dungeons, Nate Diaz earned a lot of experience points and is finally getting his due. When you become a superstar like that people notice. All the sudden Tim and Suzie want you on the morning show some Saved by the Bell guy wants to talk Bieber beef on Extra. …But What happens in our reality when Nate Diaz and Jean-Claude Van Damme chill with each other?

This wasn’t just a snapshot though to share on the internet, evidently they actually trained together. All I can think about now is the King of Kumite and the current UFC Moneyweight champion exchanging secret ninja shit. All the biggest MMA fighters are doing movies now, could we get JCVD to come back and co-star with the Diaz Brothers for the best action movie of all time?!

A man can dream… Until then, we just have pictures to spin kick our imaginations.

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