Video: Dude at Lion Fight 34 Literally Gets His Cup Kicked Off

Well, this is a first. Not only was it an action-packed show, as most all kickboxing events are, but Nick Chasteen did something that few, if any, have ever seen. He kicked this guy straight in the stones so hard that his cup flies out of his jockeys, out his muay thai shorts and flops onto the canvas. The opponent Gabriel Mazzetti looked somehow more confused than hurt. …Maybe also a look of, “hey man, you totally kicked me in freakin’ balls”. Needless to say, the internet had a field day.

If only the thousands of nut hits in MMA was talked about as much as this one. If you feel bad for the guy, Mazzetti ended up winning the fight via a controversial decision. It was controversial because he was kicked all sorts of other places just as hard as he was binged in the nuts.

Check out this cup-launching low kick.

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