Mr Miyagi is pleased with Lyoto Machida’s crane kick

When it comes down to it, only one satirical Lyoto Machida crane kick highlight had to come out. You knew it, I knew it, the world knew it.  Finally, what we have been waiting for has been delivered to us by the not very friendly sounding gentleman at With this video, the jerks as a collective (or maybe one lone jerk) have reintroduced the great Mr Miyagi back into the MMA lexicon, and after UFC 129 this was needed.

I ask you this: why are these guys deemed a bunch of jerks anyways? They seem nice to me, they cut together this extremely obvious yet none the less incredibly entertaining mashup of the movie that taught me not to punch through car windows for all of us to enjoy. I don’t think they are jerks, the Cobra Kai, now those guys are jerks.


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