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Mousasi does not plan on taking King Mo to the ground

Mousasi does not plan on taking King Mo to the ground

When I attended the Strikeforce open work-out this week, my camera was pointed at King Mo for most of the time in hopes of capturing some incredibly spontaneous moment that would get that honorary badge of ‘Viral Video’. Luckily, I think I succeed with this one, however I have a slew of other King Mo gems including him doing a Kermit the Frog impression of Gegard Mousasi, Mo slamming Dean Lister in a cage, King Mo handing out gum to everyone because they have ‘funky’ breath and a potpourri of other clips that I can’t think of because I just saw a picture of Zoila Frausto like a few seconds ago (she fights next week!). If ten people request it on the comment section below, I’ll edit all of the scenes together and publish a quick montage for you, but most of you freaks out there are still recovering from your hangover from last night so I don’t really have to worry about it. In an interview with USA Today, Gegard Mousasi makes it clear that he doesn’t intend to take King Mo to the ground at any moment in their Nashville fight.

“I have a good friend (who is a ) wrestler. He’s a pretty big heavyweight. He’s a good wrestler. I train in the mornings with him on my wrestling. I feel like in the cage it’s going to be much more harder for him to take me down, because the cage is so much bigger. There’s more places to go backwards and sideways.”

“Other than that — I don’t see him taking me down from the clinch. If he tries to take me down, it’s going to be from a shoot and he has to set it up with punches. With (Rameau Thierry) Sokoudjou, I tried to take him down, he reversed it. But I’m not trying to take King Mo down … and this is not wrestling, so I’m not worried about it.”

I also have a clip of Jake Shields saying that the last fight Mayhem Miller won was the last time he beat up his girlfriend. The audio is pretty shot in the clip due to whoever decided to place tin walls in the Legends gym in Hollywood, but it’s upload for you in all of it’s horrible audio quality glory. [Source]

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