More proof that Brock Lesnar is a ‘blue-collar, redneck, outdoors kinda guy’

Brock Lesnar is the person you always wanted to be, but were too afraid to accept ‘Frate Trane’ as a potential career profession from your high-school guidance counselor. This guy doesn’t know how to meringue a lemon pie. He can’t name a single person off The Jersey Shore. Brock Lesnar lives on top of a mountain in Minnesota, eats what he kills, has a sword tattooed on his chest and lives with his Playboy centerfold girlfriend. That’s pretty much everything you ever wanted to be when you were a kid but settled for a life of retail sales.

Check out this video of Brock Lesnar reiterating the fact that he’s a ‘blue-collar, redneck, outdoors kinda guy’ just before he shoots imaginary deer with his rifle. [Source]

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