Renato Moicano Dominates Jai Herbert On The Ground, Gets Submission Win – UFC Vegas 30 Results (Highlights)

Moicano returned to the win column with a dominant display on the ground against Herbert in the UFC Vegas 30 main card opener.


A lightweight bout between Renato Moicano and Jai Herbert is taking place now (Friday, June 25, 2021) on the UFC Vegas 30 main card.

Round 1

Herbert lands a nice outside kick. Moicano clinches up with Herbert and manages to take him down with a body lock takedown. Herbert does well to get up but Moicano drags him down again. Moicano passes from the half guard to side control. He eventually gets the full mount. Herbert does well to scramble to the cage but Moicano mounts him again. Herbert does well to escape and get to his feet and clinches Moicano against the cage before they separate. Herbert lands a big right. Both fighters start to swing as Moicano lands a right of his own. Herbert looks to establish a jab. Herbert connects with a nice left hook and follows it up with a leg kick. However, Moicano times a takedown well and gets the full mount. He starts to land big strikes with 30 seconds left in the first round. Herbert survives.

10-9 to Moicano.

Round 2

Herbert lands a leg kick but Moicano takes him down again with relative ease. Moicano gets the mount once again. Moicano lands some strikes but has to settle for the half guard as Herbert scrambles. Moicano continues to control Herbert. Herbert gets up but Moicano has his back and drags him down. He gets the hooks in and looks for the rear naked but Herbert defends well. He’s back in the mount again though. Moicano lands a big elbow. Herbert eats a shot to escape the mount but Moicano gets back in the mount as he eats a number of huge shots. Moicano sinks in the rear naked and gets the tap!

Official result: Renato Moicano defeats Jai Herbert via submission (R2, 4:34).

Check out the highlights below:

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