MMA’s first 70-year-old fighter says he’s fighting for a shot at…immortality

Much like how Hugh Jackman floated in space in a translucent bubble while simultaneously trying to kill an Aztec chief to achieve eternal life in one of the most underrated and misunderstood movies in history, 70-year-old John Williams seeks to achieve that same immortality but in a non-Hollywood, ‘I’ll punch you in your face until you bleed’ sort of way. After winning his MMA debut on July 24th against 49-year-old Larry Brubaker, John Williams wants to make it abundantly clear that ‘life isn’t over at 55 or 60 years old’. In an interview with Ben Fowlkes of MMAFighting, Williams claims that he’s fighting for a shot at immortality.

“You only live one time and then you’re gone forever. If you’re remembered by people for something, then it’s like you’re immortal. It’s like you never really cease to exist. If people don’t remember you, then you’re just a little checkmark in a cemetery somewhere. This is kind of my shot at immortality, I guess. They’ll always talk about the 70-year-old who got in there and fought.”

Pretty sure on any given day in Reno, Nevada some 70-year-old man is arguing with an attendant as to whether the Wheel of Fortune slot machine is ripping him off. When you get that old, life grants you a pass to slap anyone in the face without any repercussions. No one wants to reprimand an old guy and more importantly, no one wants to feel the wrath of old guy strength. You’ve felt it before, some old dude shakes your hand and nearly ruptures every vessel in your palm. It’s nature’s way of saying thanks for lasting this long. [Source]

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