Watch: Beaten by a MMA pro, two kung fu ‘masters’ fight each other & it’s very bad

Mma Pro Two Kung Fu masters

Ah yes, the ancient art of getting your head rocked. The world needs more Kung Fu masters.

Preferably those that are self taught. So what happens when two self proclaimed masters try to fight one another?

Pure entertainment and a very bad fight. MiddleEasy is here for both, all day, every day.

Over in China, Lei Lei and Tian Ye are a pair disgraced martial arts black belts. Both men lost to Chinese MMA fighter Xu Xiaodong. Xu Xiaodong will always and froever be Team MiddleEasy because of these wins.

Now looking to gain back some form of respect, Lei Lei and Tian Ye are fighting one another. For pride, for the sanctity of martial arts or just for an excuse to punch each other.

Who cares but the world must know the outcome to this fight. Did we mention Tian Ye is 56 years old, while Lei Lei is somewhere in his late 40s.


Lace up those gloves and fight for the honor of your discipline. Winner hopefully fights a MMA pro, streamed live somewhere on the Dark Web.

Of course MMA fighters knocking the stuffing out Kung Fu fighters has a long, storied and hilarious history. That time a Kung Fu master got clowned by a MMA pro is here. Or that time a Kung Fu master thought it was a good idea to fight a pro fighter with one hand tied behind his back is here.

Maybe just a dude who tired to use an energy shield to block punches? Yeah, that is here.

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