MMA Experts Answer the Eternal Question: What is the Best Fight to Watch Stoned?

Watching MMA while stoned. It’s basically the central idea that MiddleEasy is founded on.

Perhaps the brutality and casual inhumanity of the sport is best tempered by being blazed out of your goddamn mind. Maybe the compassion building powers of the Mother Ganga are the only thing that can heal the human soul exposed to the deluge of violence of being an MMA fan. Or maybe it’s just fun to get lifted and watch people do awesomely violent things. Either way, weed and MMA go together like Ronda Rousey and arm bars… like Conor McGregor and hand trucks… like Bob Sapp and throwing a fight.

But what is the best fight to watch stoned?

Truly, a question for the ages. I can only imagine great philosophers high as fuck on Ancient Greek dirt weed discussed for hours which Milo of Croton championship was the best to remember while passing out drunk on wine. In continuation of that great tradition, I assembled the best stoned minds in MMA to find an answer to this ancient question.


MiddleEasy wunderkind Desmond Madden (@DesmondMadden) enjoy sparking an L and firing up Nate Diaz upsetting Conor McGregor at UFC 196. “I just love seeing Nate comeback after getting beat up for 7 minutes. I was also a huge Conor hater at the time which made it even sweeter; anytime I watch the fight I look back and smile.” What a creepy and relatable sentiment.

But Nate Diaz’s star making victory was a win for stoner’s aroudn the world. The scrappy younger brother of the notorious Nick Diaz unseating the anointed star of the UFC felt like a victory for the old school. Nate Diaz did it for all the world’s misfits, smokign weed in the friend’s car after school, all the BBJ nerds who shared bowls before chokign each other unconscious. It’s a one of the most vital fights in stoned MMA history.


Ask the Master of the Old School McDuckMMA (@McDuckMMA) what fires him up when he fires up, and he took us into the way back machine…

Watching Fedor Emelianenko vs. Kazuyuki Fujita on any amount of edible could possibly give you a heart attack. But in the best kind of way. With Bas Rutten, Stephen Quadros, and Rampage Jackson on the call and the world famous Pride ring on display, your stoned soul just feels at ease watchign this awesome display of violence. Plus the thrill that shoots through your spine when Fujita puts Fedor on stanky legs is unrivaled when mingled with some THC.


Sometime you need a fight to shake you up out of a stoned funk.  Countless bong rips followed by uneventful decisions can bring the vibe of an awesome stoned fight night down quick. Tyler Schramm reminded us all of the electric upset that was Abel Trujillo knocking out Jamie Verner. People who remember watching UFC 169 live will recall it was a pre-Super Bowl show that ain’t shit happened. Until this back and forth madness woke everyone the fuck up.


Josh Sanchez likes to allow his unhealthy fascination with Yoshihiro Akiyama to rise to the surface after a few mgs of edibles.

Of course, Chris Leben triangle choking Sexyama in the waning seconds of the third round blows my mind every time.  Being stoned helps you forget that you know the curveball ending.


And of course a list of fights to watch stoned wouldn’t be complete with Nicholas Diaz. Leave it to Justin Golightly (the legendary @SecretMovesMMA) to remind us of the ultimate stoner fighter, Nick Diaz vs. Gomi at Pride 33. Of course, Diaz’s win was nullified for absurd level of THC in his fight night drug test. So yeah, this was a true victory for all the stoners. God bless you Nick Diaz.

Props to Justin for also leaving us this awesome post fight interview to enjoy after watching Pride 33.


Other Great Fights to Watch Stoned (and the People Who Suggested Them):

Rashad Coulter vs. Chase Sherman (@TheMMATrader)

Dada 5000 vs. Kimbo Slice (@suckmyPicks & @jLovey28)

Mark Hunt vs. Bigfoot Silva I (@jerrwilson)

Roger Huerta vs. Clay Guida (@JustBleedMMA)

Leonard Garcia vs. The Korean Zombie (@Billfuckncern)

Tony Ferguson vs. Lando Vannata (@Pat_JL_Charles)

Frank Mir vs. Big Nog (@MattInGuelph)

Nick Diaz vs. Anderson Silva (@Food4Thoth)

Ryan Bader vs. Lyoto Machida (@HubrisRex)

Kaleb Starnes vs. Nate Quarry (@KeepinItLoopy)

Anderson Silva vs. Chael Sonnen (@hiphopsince76)

Anderson Silva vs. Forrest Griffin (@MMABreeze)

Kyoji Horiguchi vs. Demeterious Johnson (@DavesMMABrief)


Enjoy your 4/20, boys!

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