MMA Beef Alert: superCalo looks at the BJ Penn vs. The Dolce Diet feud

BJ Penn the man they legend, the prodigy, and the man who would return him to greatness, former fattie & now trainer & nutritionist to the stars (of mMa) Mike Dolce.
The story goes that BJ Penn paid Mike Dolce who I will henceforth refer to as DolceDiet $20,000 to cook him some food for his third Frankie Edgar fight, that being his first fight at 145 lbs.
Some say in  that BJ looked skinny, tired and old. Later on he suggested it was all DolceDiet’s fault as he did’t get enough to eat & actually lost weight coming in at 139 fighting weight when he should have been around 160 lbs on fight day (his “in shape” weight).

DolceDiet has refuted this, but BJ much like a dawg with bone will not let it go, now accusations are flying, glass jaws & we find that BJ stands for Bully Jay, who would have known? And begs the question what kind of parent names their kid Bully, have they not watched once were warriors ?

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