Mirko Cro Cop Wants You to Join His Online Academy

I feel bad whenever I say that Cro Cop has lost his step because I’m afraid that Gary LaPlante will do something rash. The truth with Cro Cop is that he used to throw a wicked high kick, but now it’s not clear that he can get his leg up that high anymore. He’s more of a dirty boxer now, which is functional, for sure. I just wish that we could see glimpses of that old Cro Cop that we knew and loved.

Oh well.

Cro Cop is looking to the future, though. Sure, he might have a fight on NYE in Japan, but he’s looking to a future where he’s not actively competing anymore and how he can give back to the world. What better way than an online academy? No, we aren’t talking University of Phoenix here, we are talking Cro Cop Online Academy.

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While we don’t really know how much this will cost or any other details, it’s Cro Cop. Maybe he’ll teach you how to get hit in the balls a lot and to still be virile. Hopefully the first action taken by Cro Cop Online Academy is getting a YouTube channel.

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