Video: Mirko Cro Cop Wants To Be The Very Best at Pokémon GO

What year is it?! Ghostbusters just came out after a new Ninja Turtles movie, NES is going to be re-released and the entire world has been taken over again by Pokémon. Have we hijacked the internet and used it as a tool to recreate our childhood to satisfy our yearning for nostalgia? I think everyone is having too much fun to contemplate such a conspiracy theory.

It’s not just us regular folks who are running around like giddy kids trying to catch ’em all. …And crashing our cars into trees or walking into oncoming traffic. Fighters have rushed out into the world with their phones and Pokéballs in hand.

The most surprising adopter of this craze though is Mirko Cro Cop! Are you kidding me!? My new dream in life is to go Pokémon hunting with Cro Cop. You’d have no worries about public pointing and laughing, that’s for sure. Tyrogue, hospital; Hitmonlee, cemetery.

Watch Cro Cop playing Croké- I mean, Pokémon, below.

Looking for Pokémon

Posted by Mirko CroCop Filipovic on Friday, July 15, 2016

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