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Minowaman delivers a New Year’s Eve knock out miracle

Minowaman delivers a New Year’s Eve knock out miracle

Lately, I’ve been kind of jaded with MMA to be honest. I still love it and will always love it, it’s just with a UFC every other week, it’s simply hard to get excited about fights between TUF rejects at times. I love MMA and I’ll watch it anytime I get but the UFC product just feels stale to me. Every event feels the same, it has the same look, it’s just so blah. I yearn for the days of JMMA, where every event felt truly special. The pageantry of it all is what MMA is really about, it’s about art and a form of expression.

Today my friends, we got just that with Inoki Bom-Ba-Ye 2013. No, it’s not Pride and no, it’s not Dream, but damn did they ever try. The show featured a tag team match with Bob Sapp, some mixed fights with both MMA and kickboxing, Lenne Hardt, Fedor was the special guest. Aoki arm barred some poor soul. It brought tears to my eyes.

One of the highlights of the night was the previously mulleted, red speedo wearing GOD known as Minowaman. He knocked out Atsushi Sawada (yes, the pro wrestler) in devastating fashion. Minowaman dropped him with an overhand right then landed a nice stomp just to put a bow on it.

I miss JMMA. I miss it so much, staying up till the sun rises to watch a show with commentators I can’t understand. It’s why I got into MMA. I love JMMA, I love Minowaman, I love soccer kicks and stomps. I’m going to go cry now.

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