Mike Tyson says boxing no longer has passion, he prefers watching MMA

Mike Tyson says boxing no longer has passion, he prefers watching MMA

Every time I mention Mike Tyson on MiddleEasy, I must refer to my old roommate @mikeob96 who pulled off perhaps the greatest feat on videogame wizardry that I’ve witnessed. My shirtless and highly inebriated roommate sat down in the middle of my friend’s living room and beat Mike Tyson’s Punchout on the NES without losing a single match — and he did it while polishing off an entire 40oz of Mickey’s. Now if you have to ask how much a bottle of Mickey’s cost, then you simply can’t afford it. I’ve had perfect games in Halo 4, achieved Paragon level in Diablo 3, even defeated Marvel vs. Capcom 2 without losing a round — but what I witnessed that Friday night at the University of Arizona will undoubtedly be the greatest videogame achievement I will ever witness until the sun kills the earth.

Mike Tyson says he likes MMA more than boxing. Smart man. The real question is how many days do we have to wait until Bloodstain Lane releases a video disputing Iron Mike’s claim? Check out what the former champion said in an interview with ESPN.co.uk regarding the state of boxing and mixed martial arts.

“It has to be a passion. That’s the problem with boxing: There’s no passion,” Tyson told ESPN.com. “People want to be record producers, rappers. In MMA, you see that passion. Georges St-Pierre, this is all he wants to do. That’s why he’s so successful.

“I think there’s room for both [sports], but boxing just has too many black eyes. It doesn’t have a good image. In MMA, even though people are fighting, they have a good image. Very few of them get into tragic troubles where they’re beating people up and stuff.

“I love MMA and love boxing, but I’m always watching the MMA stuff. With boxing, you don’t know if the guy’s going to get a [good] decision, you know?

“In UFC, there’s the Ultimate Fighter house – you cultivate the fighters spiritually, work with them, it’s a team effort. In boxing, it’s like, ‘The hell with you’. The fighters dislike everybody. The MMA fighters are killing each other and they’re friends!”

Hate to break it to you Mike, but even in MMA we don’t know if the guys are going to get good decisions. Just look at Takanori Gomi vs. Diego Sanchez for example.

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