Mike Tyson Mysteries debuts tonight at 10:30 est. Watch it or be dead to us

It’s Monday, you have plenty of choices as to what you’ll be watching on TV tonight. You have Monday Night Football, you have Monday Night Raw and… probably some version of Law and Order. I’m here to say, don’t you even dare watch any of that at 10:30 EST. Why you ask? Well besides a certain team in Washington that has a racist team name is playing and Monday Night Raw has been lackluster the past few months. Outside of those two glaring facts, Mike Tyson has his own damn cartoon.

Yes, Mike Tyson Mysteries is tonight at 10:30 EST on Adult Swim. Do you really need a reason to tune into a cartoon which is basically Mike Tyson solving mysteries with Norm Macdonald? If you do then you’re just a lost soul, you can’t be saved. So do what’s right, watch it, enjoy it, treat yourself.

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