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Mike Perry tells the insane story of Jacare Souza saving his life after he nearly hung himself

Mike Perry tells the insane story of Jacare Souza saving his life after he nearly hung himself

This is a very Mike Perry story. But thankfully this is also a very Jacare Souza story.

Can somebody put a bell on Perry? Like can someone be watching this dude at all times? Platinum nearly messed around and got himself killed while at the gym.

Of all the places, Perry meets his maker, gym would be last on the list. In case you wondering strip club and Waffle House are still the leaders in the clubhouse.

Maybe the best part of this Perry and Jacare story, was Mike’s reason for training with a tight rubber band around his neck. Choke defense? Perry out here training choke defense by choking himself out.


A man truly ahead of his time.

From an interview with Fox Sports Asia, Perry dives deeper into his odd training methods.

“Jacare Souza is my hero. He is literally my hero man. I was playing around at the gym, I’m going to drop a story for you here. Alright, so there was like this rubber band hanging from the pull-up bar and this rubber band was like for workouts, it was a thick band. We were about to do filming with the ESPN crew and umm, I don’t know what I was thinking, but I put my head in this thing and was like I’m going to do a neck workout. And work on my ability to take a choke,” Mike Perry explained. “So I lean forward and it wraps around my neck and so I flex myself so that I could hold on. And in two seconds, as soon as lean forward (and flex), next thing I know Alan, from the UFC, and Jacare Souza are there.”

Go on…..

“Alan is like slapping me and they’re pouring water on me. But, they say Jacare, this while he was filming for ESPN, he was hitting a bag and he sees me, and Danielle was right next to me – she thinks I’m playing around, so she’s like ‘Mike quit playing’. So within two seconds I pass out and swing and then she’s hears a bang and she looks up and says ‘Mike stop playing’. So I had hit my face against the metal pull-up bar and I’m passed out. Plus I’m still hanging from this thing. I’m hanging myself at this point and Jacare sees me and runs over quick and pulls me out of this thing. Then they were like waking me up. When I came too I was like ‘Oh man, it was a bad joke. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to scare everybody.’”

Thanks Jacare. Thank you for saving the life of Mike Perry.

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