Mike Perry Tells MMA Fans That They Suck: “Yall Just Salty”

Mike Perry went on social media to tell MMA fans that they suck and if they want to speak to him, they must pay him money to ask questions.

Image of Mike Perry via Twitter: @UFC
Image of Mike Perry via Twitter: @UFC

Mike Perry is all business in 2021 and is warning fans of the sport to keep their distance. Unless they supply him with some cash, that is.

Like most people, Mike Perry endured a difficult 2020. From missing weight and losing fights to issues with the police, Perry is heading into 2021 with a new attitude. As of now, it appears that the days of Perry being nice to MMA fans is over. 

Mike Perry Takes Digs at Fans

Perry went on a social media tirade towards UFC fans. Unless they’re willing to pay for his time, Perry wants to be left alone.

I’m not free, I don’t have time, I don’t wanna talk , don’t care what you have to say, Im not taking a picture, don’t ask how I’m doing , please leave me alone unless you want to give me money then just give it to me and then you can ask your question,” wrote Perry.

“Idc, the fans suck, people suck, they crowd your space, they talk trash behind your back, they offer nothing but a waste of time, I like to be left alone with my little family and that’s all I want. I’m just tweeting these to tell y’all to mind your manners,” continued Perry.

“You’re all rude af, and I’m just the messenger. You think you deserve something for watching fights or you think you know how a fighter should act when you never stepped in the ring. Just remember none of you would talk that shit man to man. Your place is on Twitter.”

“The fans don’t pay us. The company’s endorsements do. The money is already on contract. My real fans know what I’m talking about and they watch out of love. The rest of y’all just salty.”

What do fans make of Perry’s comments? Will his words ultimately come back to haunt him? Or, will he be just fine under the UFC banner?

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