Mike Perry and Danielle Nickerson Demonstrate Why All Break Ups Should Be Private

When you are The Platinum Couple, your break up needs it’s own Embedded style vlog. Or at least that is what MMA’s former #1 power couple, “Platinum” Mike Perry and Danielle Nickerson must have thought.

I personally beg to differ. What you are about to witness was painful for me to watch. The awkward tension of the situation is incredibly high. It’s almost a challenge to get past the ying/yang part without turning it off.

I present it to you as warning to future generations of MMA fighters, who may one day think that it’d be a great idea to involve their girlfriends in their careers. Watch this and then imagine yourself filming a similarly awkward video. Because you likely may have too.


So, if this is what we got a week into the Platinum Breakup, I don’t think I can stay tuned for any further train wrecks. I guess I’m happy for them that they can break up and remain friends, but the elephant in the room while their talking feels like it’s standing on my chest.

Remember young fighters. Take the proper precautions or you will share Platinum Mike’s fate.

(h/t: James Lynch)

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