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Mike Perry: If A Boxer Comes To MMA, ‘I’ll Pull Guard And R*pe Them From The Bottom’

Mike Perry discusses his fighting future and reacts to Jake Paul's win over Tyron Woodley

Mike Perry: If A Boxer Comes To MMA, ‘I’ll Pull Guard And R*pe Them From The Bottom’

The last few fights have not gone the way Mike Perry has wanted, to say the least. Now he is potentially eyeing some boxers to fight, and is down to do it in the ring or the Octagon.

During his time of ups and downs in the UFC Octagon, Perry has garnered a reputation for being a bit of a brawler. Unfortunately this has not went well for him in recent months, as he has gone 3-7 since 2017, which was the last time he was on a winning streak.

This recent run in the UFC has left his future uncertain, so he is looking towards some other options. Speaking with Ariel Helwani, he explained that he is keeping the door open to a move to boxing, although he would also be willing to face a boxer inside the Octagon instead.

“I don’t want to shut any doors. So if the opportunity is there, and someone wants to fight me, that’s it. I just want to fight and I want to know what kind of fight I’m doing, so I can prepare for it,” Perry said.

“There comes a time in there, where you just gotta bite down on the mouthpiece and go for it, and it doesn’t matter if it’s the Octagon or it’s the ring. If a boxer wants to step in the Octagon, I’ll pull guard and rape him from the bottom. I don’t think a boxer lasts that long in Jiu-Jitsu at all.

“I’m an MMA guy right? Now I am. So put me in a boxing ring and let me show ya’ll what I can do. I’ll be prepared for any opportunity. Anybody that wants to fight me, I’ll put on a show. Somebody’s going to bleed, motherf—kers going to get cut open, and somebody might die,” Perry added.

Mike Perry Breaks Down Paul vs Woodley

A big portion of what is bringing on this openness to boxing from Mike Perry, is the recent trend of MMA fighters going to boxing, which culminated with the most recent bout between Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley. In fact, Mike famously trained with Jake, and supposedly got beaten up by the YouTuber.

As far as Paul vs Woodley goes, “Platinum” Mike says that this was about what he expected before they stepped into the ring. He says that he feels like Jake used good footwork and a strong gameplan to get the better of Tyron.

“(Paul) has a good team behind him. He used his feet well, he moved around. I said (during the fight) that he just really had to walk around,” Perry explained.

“I thought Woodley did a really good job defensively… He did try to press a little more, but then he was pressing in an MMA way, where his head was up in the air, and Jake was able to land a couple of counter shots on his way in.

“Jake keeps his distance really well. He runs really well, I know he’s got strong legs… I feel like there was more that could have been done,” Perry added.

If Mike Perry does continue to fight in the UFC, it will be interesting to see who he will face next. Otherwise, it might be exciting to see him attempt to make a move to the world of boxing.

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