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Mike Perry Not Yet Arrested For Bar Assault, But Potentially Facing Theft Charges

More Details Emerge Following Mike Perry Reportedly Assaulting Three People At A Bar

Mike Perry Not Yet Arrested For Bar Assault, But Potentially Facing Theft Charges

Some troubling video emerged recently, apparently showing UFC welterweight Mike Perry assaulting a man at a bar. Now more details have emerged, explaining what went down and what could be coming for him.

As of now, Perry has yet to be arrested for the incident captured and posted online. The footage shows a clearly inebriated Mike, yelling at his cornerman (I mean girlfriend), as well as others at a bar. Subsequently he is seen seemingly knocking out an older gentleman with a heavy punch.

So What Happened, And Where Does Mike Perry Go From Here?

According to reports, Mike Perry was at Table 82 restaurant, enjoying berry mojitos before things escalated. The police report revealed that there were allegedly three victims of assault that night, meaning that if and when he is arrested, Mike could be facing a charge Class A assault, which is a misdemeanor. Additionally the management at the restaurant confirmed that “Platinum” did not pay his bill before leaving, and that they are considering pressing charges of theft against the fighter. They also issued this statement:

“Pending the criminal investigation, we prefer not to comment further because one of the victims was an employee of our company who had asked Mr. Perry to leave.”

As for Perry, he has yet to comment publicly about the incident. He posted a few suspiciously aggressive tweets before the video emerged. Since the footage came out, he has only taken to Twitter to say that he is not going to discuss things right now.

The last few months have seen particularly unusual behavior from Mike Perry, even by his own standards. There are still very few details available about what exactly happened that led to the moments seen on camera. Nevertheless it is never a good look for a professional fighter to be seen involved in street fights. Hopefully he can get things back on the right track, before something even worse happens.

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