Watch: Mike Dolce vs. George Lockhart nutritionist feud/possible fight is the worst thing in MMA

Mike Dolce Vs. George Lockhart

loves freak show fights. The big red monster loves Street MMA. Nobody should love a Mike Dolce fight in 2019.

Yet here is where MMA has stopped spinning. A potential MMA nutritionist fight between Dolce and George Lockhart may be one of the most interesting feuds our great sport has going for it.

If you were still in denial about MMA being a living, breathing tire fire then watch the video below.


And George Lockhart’s interview from last week that got the ball rolling. It gets good at the 3 hour and 5 minute mark of the never ending Helwani MMA Show.

Don’t want.

This is literally the worst thing.

5-10 MMA record Mike Dolce versus 12-7 MMA record Lockhart. Are you kidding? Why is this a thing? Why is this even being made into a thing?

Not surprised, but three days after an UFC pay-per-view and this is somehow one of the more interesting stories going on.

Maybe it’s a big commentary about current MMA fandom or the news cycle the sport feeds. There really should be more interesting news nuggets to talk about. There is no way you should be able to sell us on a few inactive, D-list MMA bubble celebrities fighting in a cage.

Yet, there is nothing really important getting in the way of this feud stealing all the headlines. Anyone want to break any kind of news? Do something worthwhile and interesting?




Fight Gods, you really want Dolce and Lockhart to lay on each other for 15 minutes, don’t you?

What a cluster F. There is absolutely no way this nutritionist feud could can get any dumber.

There it is.

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