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Miesha Tate Saved Bryan Caraway’s Mom’s Life

Miesha Tate Saved Bryan Caraway’s Mom’s Life

Look, we all might have our opinions about Bryan Caraway (Mr. Tate), but moms are okay, even moms of dudes that we aren’t really fans of. So Bryan Caraway’s mom is alright by default and we are glad that she’s okay. See, she almost wasn’t okay and the reason why she’s still alive and kicking is because of Caraway’s longtime girlfriend, Miesha Tate.

Miesha Tate might have been walking around UFC International Fight Week sporting a bikini and making everything look effortless, but just prior to that she had been in Mexico with Caraway and his parents when a snorkeling trip went awry. See, Caraway’s mom has pretty bad asthma but went snorkeling anyway, believing that an inhaler aboard the ship and one tucked into her bathing suit would be enough in case anything came up.

Well, something did come up. She panicked in the water and found herself swimming frantically, which of course triggered an asthma attack. They found his mother floating next to the boat turning bluer by the second before dragging her aboard and trying everything they could to save her. The boat crew, Caraway and even Tate had no clue what to do to revive her, with her inhaler not working. Finally Tate made a strange decision to pump a few shots from the inhaler into her own mouth and then forcefully start pushing the medicine into Caraway’s mom’s mouth with her own.

That apparently did the trick, there was a pop and air started moving through Caraway’s mom just in time. After a trip to the hospital Caraway’s mom is alright and Miesha Tate has another accolade to add to her already growing list. Not bad. [source]

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