Miesha Tate nullifies Rin Nakai to take home the sleepy decision

Fights like this shouldn’t take place when you’re watching halfway around the world, full of enough Nos to kill Georges St. Pierre and toeing the line between a mild chuckle and an insane cackle. 

This was a weird fight – plain and simple. Miesha Tate pretty much dominated Rin Nakai, but also never really put Rin in any dangerous positions. It was a slow, plodding, confusing, odd and tiring match to watch. This is when we need momentum, during the latest of nights, but not even the bobby and weavy Rin and a sticking and moving Miesha could keep our eyes pried open. What the hell did we just watch. 

So in the end, Rin’s judo was no match for Miesha, but then, Miesha wasn’t so impressive that this really makes us want to see her lose to Ronda for a third time. Rin was scrappy, but outclassed.

Oh well. This show has been fun, and I don’t regret whatever poison I’ve put into my body to make it this far.


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