Pic: Miesha Tate rumored to be latest victim of celebrity nude photos leak

Miesha Tate leak

Maybe its a sign of the times or society but its still wild every single time a celebrity is hacked. Miesha Tate is the latest target and its starting to feel like a pattern.

Welcome to another invasion of privacy version of whatever day it is Rumor Mill. Not to put on the conspiracy theory hat, when the Rumor Mill is already fashionable, but this latest round of celebrity nude leaks feels deliberate. Miesha Tate is once again caught in the crossfire and one has to wonder why the former UFC bantamweight champion is being attacked.

Like, why is Tate constantly involved in these celebrity leaks? Is she the only male or female UFC fighter who has ever taken naked pictures of themselves?

Extremely in shape, young, fit, attractive individuals are going to snap a few naked selfies. Who can blame them? If Team MiddleEasy ever got into this kind of peak human physical condition, wearing clothes would never be an option.


This isn’t the first time pictures of Tate have been leaked online.

Again, this Tate never ending story began all the way back in 2014. 2014 in MMA years or even popular culture years, feels like two decades ago. In October 2014, a hacker allegedly got a hold of Tate’s private pictures and was offering to sell them to the highest bidder. Not cool.

Three years later, when nude celebrity photos had almost become commonplace, Tate was again hacked for pictures.

Late this week, rumors began to circulate that Tate photos were making their way around the Internet. This time her ex-boyfriend Bryan Caraway was also involved in the leak.

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