Miesha Tate On Jon Jones:”I Don’t Really Care At This Point If He Comes Back”

Former UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones had his failed drug test hearing in front of CSAC in Anaheim, Calif., on Tuesday. Jones was revoked of his MMA license and fined $205,000 for testing positive for the steroid Turinabol.

Former UFC women’s bantamweight champion Miesha Tate wasn’t impressed with Jones’ defense during his CSAC hearing and sounds totally disappointed. (quotes via MMAFighting)

“The thing is, I don’t really care at this point if [Jon Jones] comes back because I’ve lost the motivation and the interest, and the faith that I have in Jon Jones has been lost. Now maybe in three, four years, if he gets a great suspension [from the USADA], if he gets the book thrown at him and he really does make those changes, maybe he has a chance at restoring [his legacy], but at this point I just don’t care anymore. I don’t care. I’m over Jon Jones. I’m done with it.

“I don’t want to hear his sob story. I felt sorry for the first, second time he kind of had me. But it’s like, fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me three times, I mean, come on, am I waiting for a fourth now? I just don’t — I’m over it. I wish and I hope that it does change Jon Jones, but I’m also not invested in Jon Jones anymore. I guess it’s what it is. I’m kind of checked out at this point. It’s just been too many times, too many instances. […] He’s got to do a lot more to gain me back as a fan and to care to see him compete again. I just don’t want to be let down again.” Miesha tate during an intervie with MMA on Sirius XM

The cumulative effect of all these issues has forced Miesha Tate to step back from any type of attachment to Jon Jones, who could be the greatest pound-for-pound talent the sport has ever seen when everything is right.

It became clear pretty quickly that Jones’ defense wasn’t as strong as the rumblings suggested.

Jon Jones was also forced to give up his title for the first time back in 2015 following a felony hit-and-run accident just months after his first victory over Daniel Cormier.

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