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Miesha Tate has a lot of bad things to say about Kim Winslow that you need to hear

Miesha Tate has a lot of bad things to say about Kim Winslow that you need to hear

I still have this video of Frank Shamrock grabbing Miesha Tate by her neck and pushing her into a corner that no one has even watched. Maybe I’ll put it on YouTube later today and sit back while the internet creates message boards threads like ‘Dude, Frank Shamrock really hates Miesha Tate!’ We all know Miesha Tate is the reason why your girlfriend looks at your Firefox browser history when you’re asleep at night. So when she speaks about MMA’s favorite referee Kim Winslow, people generally listen. Check out what Tate said regarding Winslow in this Sirius XM interview (via MMAFighting)

There’s no way in hell I’d let Kim Winslow referee another fight of mine. I think she’s horrible,”

I was so pissed when she stopped the fight. The first thing I did was look up at her and say, ‘Why did you stop the fight?’ And [Winslow] goes, ‘Because your face is a mess.’ I’m like, seriously? That’s why you stopped the fight? Your face is a mess and they still let you work. That’s what I felt like saying to her. I was like, are you serious right now? Did you not realize that we were coming in here to fight each other? You don’t base it off how much someone’s bleeding, you base it off whether or not they’re cognitive and they’re still trying.

She was like a yippy Chihuahua the whole time that I was on the bottom. ‘Miesha, you gotta do something, you gotta move.’ I’m like, ‘Why? She’s not doing anything to me, she’s in my half-guard. Nobody finishes fights in half-guard.’ But the referee, I thought she was going to stop it. She was over-coaching, over-refereeing,” Tate fumed.

“It’s something that is very frustrating when you have other people who have never fought a day in their life, like Kim. She doesn’t do anything. I don’t think she deserves to be a referee. And if she is, she should go to the amateur levels where it doesn’t matter as much, and there’s not as much on the line, because she’s literally ruining people’s lives.

Kim Winslow will be in the new EA UFC game, and she will have stats that are indicative of her own performance within the UFC. Every referee will. Look at that, just told you guys something that I wasn’t supposed to. Enjoy.

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