Miesha Tate Makes The Case For Open Scoring In MMA

Former UFC women's bantamweight champion Miesha Tate explains why she's for open scoring in MMA.

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Miesha Tate wants to see open scoring in mixed martial arts (MMA).

Miesha Tate makes the case for open scoring

Tate recently took to her podcast “Throwing Down” to discuss the concept of open scoring in MMA, and explained why she’s in favor of the concept.

The former UFC women’s bantamweight champion said that there are some people who really want to, and deserve to, know the score in fights, and believe they should have access to that information.

She also pointed out that every other major sport has the score displayed for all to see, and it doesn’t change the way the game is played.

“I think that it’s something we should definitely try, open scoring,” Tate said. “I’m for the open scoring because it would be nice to know where you are at in a fight. I think it’s important. Here’s my thoughts, I think there should be an app or something that the fans could have the option to see the open score, but that it shouldn’t be in your face.

“Like, you shouldn’t have to know. If you don’t want to know – maybe you like suspense. Maybe you love that moment when they’re standing next to each other, they’re dripping sweat, and it’s been a bloodbath, five rounds, and you don’t know if they’re going to say “And Still” or “And New.”

“And you love that moment – cool! But maybe there’s people who need to know this information, that it shouldn’t be restricted or hidden from, because there’s plenty of sports that you know the score, and it doesn’t change the way that the sport is played. So I don’t think it would change the way that MMA is done that much either.

“Now, is there a chance, that an athlete who is up two rounds, and only has one left to go, and is up two rounds, decides to disengage for the third round and just try and stay away, not try and risk anything, definitely not try and risk the fight? Yeah. But there’s also already a chance that that’s already happening based on the assumption that they’re winning.”

While Tate may be on the bandwagon for open scoring, others such as UFC president Dana White are not. White suggests it would make for “horrible fights” as Tate eluded to in her statement.

  In addition, Michael Bisping and Daniel Cormier also shared some insight on the recent judging at UFC Vegas 55.  

It will be interesting to see if such a concept is ever implemented at the UFC’s level down the line.

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