Miesha Tate addresses every single one of her haters in this Bloodstain Lane video

I still have this video of Frank Shamrock grabbing Miesha Tate by her neck and pushing her into a corner that no one has even watched. Maybe I’ll put it on YouTube later today and sit back while the internet creates message boards threads like ‘Dude, Frank Shamrock really hates Miesha Tate!’ We all know Miesha Tate is the reason why your girlfriend looks at your Firefox browser history when you’re asleep at night. If Gina Carano is the face of women’s MMA, than Miesha Tate has the — well, you know. The inner frat guy in me wants to say ‘If you haven’t seen Miesha Tate rock her patented tight shorts in a cage, I suggest you hit up Youtube’ but the sheltered feminist wants to say ‘How the hell did I get inside this body. Someone let me out’. All signs point to Miesha Tate being extraordinarily hot. It’s hard to ignore. Miesha Tate has stated in previous interviews the reason why other fighters despise her is simply because her looks, and in this interview with Bloodstain Lane, Tate dives a little deeper and takes the time to address all of her haters. [Source]

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