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Miesha gets candid with us about Ronda and her lack of respect

Miesha gets candid with us about Ronda and her lack of respect

Miesha and Ronda, wow. I wasn’t going to take the eight hour trek to Columbus from Chicago until I saw this video. I really wasn’t. Then I came to the realization that without a doubt this is the biggest women’s fight in the history of the sport. Especially looking back on Gina/Cyborg in retrospect (PED’s/Soderbergh). These two ladies are going to fight seriously, seriously hard for the title March 3rd, and Miesha only has to last two minutes and eighteen seconds for the announcers to exclaim ‘Miesha Tate has lasted longer than all four of Ronda Rousey’s combined opponents’.

I typed that with Mauro Ranallo’s inflection, so I hope you read it with his voice in your head. If you didn’t feel free to reread it. I will wait.

LayzieTheSavage caught up with Miesha in Vegas sometime over the weekend, I’m not 100% sure when, but what he captured was a truly interesting interview with a champion who many have unfairly already written off as dethroned. Watch it. It’s a good one.

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