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MiddleEasy Street MMA is BACK!

MiddleEasy Street MMA is BACK!

Whew! With enough hard work we finally re-engineered a dedicated section of MiddleEasy exclusively for Street MMA!

That’s what we did on labor day, we labored — and we labored hard too. Although after hours of work, we’ve just cut through about half of the Street MMA on MiddleEasy. It’s not easy restoring some of those classics, especially when we have to scan the entire internet just to find some lost videos. However we’re working hard on getting your favorite section to 100% by September 5th.

You can reach MiddleEasy Street MMA in the fighting section of the site — this week we placed a giant banner in the section but we’ll eventually reduce it to a smaller image on the side panel. Don’t worry, it will still be there for your enjoyment.

Now go to and attend Street MMA University. We’re handing out lessons for free!

Check out the new Street MMA section here!

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