MiddleEasy nearly sweeps the semi-finals of the EA Sports MMA Grand-Prix

The semi-finals just wrapped up in EA Sports MMA’s first Live Online Broadcast Grand-Prix and MiddleEasy dominated. If you’re wondering, we shut out Sherdog on Playstation 3. Our fighter, BigMacAttack managed to score a headkick KO over TJBeatdown from Sherdog to grab the first round victory. In the second fight of the Grand-Prix semi-finals, SlackBrian finished off Sherdog fighter, kickapole with a flurry of knees in the first round.

In the Xbox 360 Grand-Prix (which aired live, two hours after the Playstation 3 tourney began), Tha Premiere put an absolute beatdown on molsonmuscle360 to advance to the next round of the tournament. Our fourth fighter, YouCantSeeMe55 was a ‘no-show’ which forced an embarrassing forfeit on behalf of MiddleEasy — which brings me to my next point. We try to do things the best way we can possibly conceive of at MiddleEasy.com. Jason’s inbox was flooded with people who were willing to take part in this tournament, but we chose YouCantSeeMe55 because he agreed to represent the site to the fullest and more importantly, we believed him. Tonight, we were screwed to put it bluntly. We had a chance at a clean sweep and unfortunately that didn’t happen because someone flaked. We hyped this thing up as much as possible and for someone to do this to the site — it sucks.

All three of our MiddleEasy fighters (BigMacAttack, SlackBrian and Tha Premiere) moved on to the next round of the EA Sports MMA’s first Live Online Broadcast Grand-Prix and the winner apparently gets a stack of free merchandise from Strikeforce, EA Sports MMA and Rockstar Energy drink. Pour out some of your imaginary alcoholic liquid in their honor.

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